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About Us

Our Company

Fairytale WeddingsTM   (Proprietary Magic Carpet Aviation) is a Wedding & Event Planning company that aims to help create your dream  and not just covering the basics of event planning but going into the depth of each detail that your event entails


  • Fairytale Wedding believes that if needs to be done, do it. We cover all aspects of a wedding and follow our own unique concept of ‘Ring2Moon' :
  • Ring2Moon is a unique concept that we built all our company ideas and plans around.
  • It is the concept that we do everything right from the time you need put the ‘’ Ring on it ” till the time of your honeyMoon, We Plan Everything!
  • This could be from your bachelor/ bachelorette parties, help the bride with all her shopping, arrange the Hair & Make - Up artists and Much More!

What We Offer

We Specialise in Travel and Tourism, making our Wedding Company one of the very few planners with the strongest negotiating power with hotels, airlines, etc.

We don't just cater to traditional wedding planning which entails venues, decor etc but we work one step more and do everything from the outfits to taking you shoe shopping and basically leaving nothing stressful to you so you can enjoy your special day.

Why choose us?

While there are many wedding planners, you will never find anyone like us.We follow the 3 C's of wedding planning:

•  Committed to our promise to you

•  Creative in all that we plan for you

•  Customise everything just for you

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